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Saturday, November 3, 2007

WiC Rank Requirement

A brief summary of the points needed to get a specific rank. When reached 110,000 points (First Lieutenant), player activity starts playing a greater role in your ranking. Since you need to be above a certain percentage of the World In Coflict players.

http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-01.png Private:

  • 600 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-02.png Private First Class:
  • 2,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-03.png Corporal:
  • 5,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-04.png Sergeant:
  • 9,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-05.png Staff Sergeant
  • 15,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-06.png Sergeant First Class:
  • 25,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-07.png First Sergeant :
  • 40,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-08.png Sergeant Major:
  • 58,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-09.png Second Lieutenant:
  • 77,000 points.
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-10.png First Lieutenant:
  • 110,000 points. (plus you need to be above 33 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-11.png Captain:
  • 145,000 points. (and you need to be above 55 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-12.png Major:
  • 180,000 points. (and you need to be above 70 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-13.png Lieutenant Colonel:
  • 215,000 points. (and you need to be above 80 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-14.png Colonel:
  • 260,000 points. (and you need to be above 87 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-15.png Brigadier General:
  • 310,000 points. (and you need to be above 91 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-16.png Major General:
  • 365,000 points. (and you need to be above 95 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-17.png Lieutenant General:
  • 430,000 points. (and you need to be above 98 percent of the players on the leaderboard)
http://www.massgate.net/img/ranks/20px-18.png General:
  • 500,000 points. (andyou need to be above 99 percent of the players on the leaderboard)


Anonymous said...

hmmm me like very much this guide or what u wanna call it. Its a superb game and good info on the game here. In my case looking at points needed for ranks....

Anonymous said...

the rank First Sergeant is spelt incorrectly... but great overall guide..

Anonymouse said...

Sergeant is spelt fine noob

Anonymous said...

does the LB have a effect on your rank? if it does how does it work..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok how the LB position works is that for example there are 20000 that are ranked in the LB if u are in 200 that means u are 90 percent better than everyone else u see wat im saying

Anonymous said...

mm yes i see what you are saying the LB works weird i do admit infact all i know is that you got to be active on the game for it to go up :P but it doesn't affect your rank that much you just needs points so yeah :P i'm a major at the moment and soon to go on to the next rank and the LB has not affect my rank but.. if your in a good postion in the LB means your a active and a good player. so it does mean your better and you are learning fast. people who are in the 10,000s are inactive they don't really come on much. so yeah.

Anonymous said...

LB as i have read is based on the score you have achived during last 21 days. So if no matter how good u are or have had good score earlier doesnt matter if havent played so much recently. The individual ranking as best armor, support... are best on score on respective roles, and not based on recent activity.

Good tip for hiding infantry, see to that ur infantry has the tree symbol on/over them when hiding in forrest, that means they are then hidden from view!!!

Anonymous said...

Good tips for infantry:
Use the resupply button, it brings back infantry members.

Hide in forests, but hold fire, because when your infantry fire, they become exposed.

Infantry can heal each other.

Spread your infantry out, or else they can be easily slaughtered by artillery.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

forgot the rank Master Sergeant in between Sergeant First Class and First Sergeant

Anonymous said...

GREAT!!! I finally found a ranking guide. I don't know why Massive Entertainment doesn't do something like this, it would really make the game more compelling because it will give the gamers a goal to reach. This game is awesome so thanks for your spare time (^_^)

AFB said...

"the rank First Sergeant is spelt incorrectly... but great overall guide.."

Retarded people make the world go round.

If you are going to correct someones spelling, don't be a retard. Spelt is a wheat, and is not "spelled".

Other than some retards correcting others spelling, the I am glad I finally found a place to see how far along the ranking ladder I am.

fs_a said...

They should produce more ranks.

Robbo said...

"andyou" in general brackets is joined and it should say "and you"
and this is not the retard the failed to correct properly

Anonymous said...

excellent at least we all know the ranks and how much to gain to the level all we need to do is gain GENERAL that to me is a top priority!

Zeppie said...

I've been playing WIC for some time now and I don't think this list is correct. I am currently on 460,000 points and 560 on the Leader board. I should be promoted to 2 stars but I am still on 1. Actually, my current score should allow me 3 stars according to this article.