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Here you will find World in Conflict (Soviet Assault) game info, opinions about multiplayer balance and play styles. In the future you will also find WiC guides and class guides to teach you how to play your role perfectly.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

World in Conflict Units

World in conflict has multiple factions. But each faction has roughly the same units. They differ slightly in for example damage and speed, but at the end it's all balanced out.

  • Heavy Tank: The strongest tank, has a massive amout of armor and firepower. But because this tank is very expensive, you can't have a lot of them.
  • Medium Tank: Lighter armor, and less firepower. But it's faster and cheaper.
  • Light Tank: Cheapest and fastest tank. Not very strong against heavy fire, but a very versatile unit fastly to cap points with.
  • Armored Transport: Protects infantry, equiped with TOW missiles
  • Amphibious Armored Transport: Armored transport that can go through water.
  • Heavy Attack Helicopter: Stongest helicopter, exelent against tanks and slow vehicles.
  • Medium Attack Helicopter: Anti-air helicopter, so exelent for hunting down other helicopters.
  • Scout Helicopter: Fast but unarmored helicopter for spotting units.
  • Transport Helicopter: Transport infantry with this unit
  • Infantry Squad: Regular infantry, good versus other infantry and air units.
  • Anti-Tank Infantry Squad: Infantry, with heavy anti-vehicle power.
  • Sniper: Great for picking of infantry units from a distance
  • Demolition Engineer: Can rig buildings with bombs.
  • Troop Transport: Infatry moves slow, this will help you reach further and shoots with a mounted MG.
  • Transport Truck: Also for transport, but cheaper and unarmed.
  • Heavy Anti-Air Vehicle: Main anti air vehicle for taking down helicopters with heatseaking missles.
  • Medium Anti-Air Vehicle: Weakers, but cheaper than heavy anti-air. And has no homing missles, but regular rapid fired rounds.
  • Heavy Artillery: Biggest artillery unit. Does massive damage on impact and has a very long range. But is very vulnerable to air attacks
  • Medium Artillery: Weaker but more agile and cheaper then the heavy version.
  • Repair Tank: Unit that repairs other vehicles (and itself.)